Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's that time of year! Sephora Friends & Family!

It's what every Sephora Junkie waits every November for! It's time for Sephora Friends and Family SALE!!!!!!!!! If you don't know already, the Sephora Friends & Family sale offers a 20% discount for online orders, when a code is used, or if you know an employee that works at Sephora, a card can be obtained from them. The code for this year is (surprise, surprise) FF2008. Here is the email graphic used this year:

Pretty, yes? So festive! And so ready to take all your money! ;) Are you making any epic-sized hauls this year? Keeping it small? Doing any Christmas shopping? Tell me in a comment because I think I'm skipping out this year (but...who knows, there's still time!), let me live vicariously through you!

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Ms. ___ 2 be + Pearly!! said...

I spend alot lately, going to hold back :P