Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Neutrals Are A Girls Best Friend.

It should be no surprise to you by now that I obviously am a Neutral fiend (and not just with Taupes...though they are my favorite!). I am also kinda crazy about Mark eyeshadows, I've been collecting these for quite a while and didn't realize that I had so many neutral shades! So I'm here to share with you some photos and swatches :) I have been nothing but pleased when it comes to Marks color selection (I can't really seem to find other colors like these from other brands), quality and price ($4!!!).

First Row: Tough Luxe, Wings, Gioia, Biscotti
Second Row: Tiki, Magic, Bambi, Nomadic

Swatches (First Row): Tough Luxe, Wings, Gioia, Biscotti

Swatches (Second Row): Tiki, Magic, Bambi, Nomadic

Note: All swatches are done dry with no base!!!

Java, Wink Wink, Minx, Whisper

Swatches: Java, Wink Wink, Minx, Whisper

For some reason these photographed a bit on the warm side. The set of shadows in the 4 pan is what I've been using lately for work. Java, I think, is my absolute favorite. It's a deep shimmery chocolate brown shade with just a hint of plum, I like to use it wet as a liner, or for more drama, use it in the outter crease. Wink Wink is one of the newest matte finish shades. It's the perfect crease shade for the office. Minx is a wonderful taupe, and of course I'm absolutely crazy about it. The last shade, Whisper, is also one of the newest shades. It's supposed to be a matte shade, but it has a tiny bit of shimmer, so it's not at all harsh for the office.

I have a BIG post coming up highlighting all the new awesome goodies that have recently hit the drugstores :) Stay tuned!


Starry x2 night said...

Ooiie! Minx had my heart stopping a beat! Thank you for all the swatches! (Dang, they really are that pigmented?)

Looking forward to the new post!

Vanessa M. said...

how pretty! FOTD maybe?

gio said...

They are so pretty! Thanks for the swatches.

Kim (Blog Writer, A Life of Style) said...

I love neutral eyeshadows too. I'm going to check out all those shades.

T said...

I love those mark. shadows. I hit up biscotti on a regular basis, whisper is pretty awesome too!

Evon said...

I'm so jealous! the selection for Avon in the states is so much nicer than the ones here