Thursday, June 12, 2008

Review: Crazy Rumors Lip Balm.

Before I dive into this little review, I won't dance around the fact that it's been a while since I've updated. Why? Life, for one. Life happens. Work has been somewhat hectic. I've also started Bowling on Thursday nights (yes, that's right- BOWLING) so that's just one more obsession to add to the pot. On top of that, I've decided on a low/no buy for an undecided time. I have a lot of events coming up in the next few months and as well as time and commitment, it's also taking money. Therefore I've forced myself to put the hauling on hold for a while. Anyways, enough of my babbling.

Crazy Rumors "Perk" Lip Lattes Lip Balm

Finding a good lip balm, and I mean a good lip balm, has always been on the top of my list. I find that most lip balmsare promising at first- but then it turns ugly. Funky scents after a few weeks. Waxy buildup around my lips. Weird aftertastes, oils surfacing, and all other sorts of things you don't like to read about.

But then I came across Crazy Rumors on Cherry Culture. The promises of a coffee experience in lip balm form was inviting. I threw one into my cart (in Amaretto), just to try it out. To be honest, I didn't touch it for a while. I had only taken a whiff (it smelled ahhhh-mazing! More almond than vanilla), still not trying it on. It was when I was recovering from surgery that I needed something to replace a lip balm I had just finished using (from Wal Mart- somewhat of a "knockoff" of Burt's Bees- but still did the trick). I finally decided to start using this.

First, this lip balm is ridiculously smooth. It's not too hard or waxy, nor is it too soft that when you apply it, the stick starts to break. The scent is out of this world delicious!!! I can only imagine how the others smell (it comes in 6 flavors/scents such as Coffee Bean, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mocha, Irish Cream and Amaretto). While it goes on clear, I find that it sort of "enhances" my lips, just making them look supple and healthy enough without a thick, shiny coat of a regular lip gloss. The scent (well, Amaretto at least) doesn't translate too heavily into the taste, if that makes any sense. I find that this lasts for quite a few hours, even at work where I'm constantly on the phone and drinking from my mug (filled with water!). And to top it off, this brand is Cruelty Free and made with all Vegan ingredients! It's not a breaking factor for me when buying cosmetics, but I know it's important to a lot of others. If coffee isn't your thing, the company also offers 6 flavors in their "Brew" collection for tea lovers.

Crazy Rumors Lip Latte can be purchased on their website or Cherry Culture and is available in 6 "Perk" flavors and 6 "Brew" flavors. It retails for $4 each or $12 for a pack of 3.

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Vanessa said...

I love their chapstick! I got the Amaretto one and it was mighty tasty! And I too am feeling a lot of Avon stuff myself! They have gotten so much better!