Thursday, April 10, 2008

Style Dupe: Carolina Herrera.

I am not one for fashion.

Well....I mean that I don't exactly keep up with "trends" (I like to think that trends keep up with me. Apparently cardigans are in this spring? Hello. I have about 50 cardigans, that's all I wear!), I couldn't tell you Pucci from Gucci (okay, so maybe I can- but those were the first things that came to my head), and- I'm on a Target budget. But what's that to stop me from gathering ideas and inspiration from my favorite designer?

Yes, singular. Designer. I don't care for designers and designer clothing, honestly. But, there is only one designer who I would actually consider saving my hard-earned dimes and pennies for: Carolina Herrera. I couldn't tell you how I came across her, really. I just remember going to Las Vegas a few years ago and really wanting to go into her boutique at Cesar's Palace. I admit, I was super nervous and was in fear of being intimidated by snotty sales assistants.

But, it was just the opposite. I was welcomed into the store with open arms, all the assistants were amazingly sweet and took me on a tour of the store was was more than eager to help me with anything. That was my first designer item- a pretty pink/tan scarf with the most darling design on it (I could bring it out and show everyone...if you want). It was also the beginning of an obsession called Chic (one of her fragrances that has become my "signature" scent- and of course it's exclusive to boutiques, which I am nowhere near). It was truly the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Ever since that faithful trip, I receive their gorgeous catalogs and newsletters. I feel like a queen when I get them in the mail.

This season's catalog did not disappoint. This collection literally screams my name. If you look closely, you can see my name on the skirt. I swear it's there. Pencil skirts, sweaters, tote bags, and gorgeous cocktail dresses that aren't too outlandish- but just perfectly classy. Out of all the glitz and glamor- this was the outfit that stuck out for me:

This could pretty, it does sum up my entire wardrobe in a nutshell. Pencil skirts and cardigans. That's ME in a nutshell. I figure, "Hell, I can dupe this look!!!" It doesn't need to be exact, but I think the inspiration is there:

Both the top and skirt are both from JC Penney. That's right. JC Penney. And I'll admit right here I love that place. A good 90% of my work clothes come from there, and it's the only place I can get a good pair of jeans that fit perfectly right. The shoes (they are navy, as well as the skirt- the lighting just stinks in my room) are from Nine West and the bag is indeed Carolina Herrera:

Again, I'm not one to lusts over designer bags (I do like to look at them, but would never consider buying one), but a Carolina Herrera bag...that's a bag to own. For one, no one (in my area) has them. Around here the big three are either 1) Louis Vuitton, 2) Coach, and 3) Dooney & Bourke...Big. Yawn. If I'm going to spend money on a luxury bag, I don't want it to look like every Jane, Donna and Joan's bag. Ya dig? Anyways, the story on this special bag could (and will) have it's own post, so I'll spare the story (for now).

Alright, back to cosmetics...I got my Avon haul, which was purely un-epic. I thought I had ordered a ton of stuff but it was only about 3 things (not counting shampoo and conditioner). I did receive the Mark skin care stuff! The undereye brightener/lightener/tightener is pretty ace so far (I had to try it on A.S.A.P.). The primer will be tested out tomorrow, I do have high hopes for it. Don't let me down, Mark! I also picked up this cute little Avon Kabuki brush. Ain't it cute, folks?


Vanessa said...

Hi Tanya! LMAO glad to know another NKOTB fan! I wanna see them in concert too, I was so in love with them haha

Tanya Annette said... to come up with a NKOTB-inspired FOTD!! :D