Monday, April 14, 2008

Love at first lip.

Want to hear a confession (I know, it's not Friday. But let's pretend for a sec)? I really really really don't like MAC Lipglass.

But did that stop me last spring when the Barbie Loves MAC collection launched? No, my friends. It did not. I was suckered in by the pretty neutral pinky-peachy gloss. Despite knowing how bad my lips chap when I wear lipglass (note: this is only if I don't wear some sort of base first, which is my next subject), I bought two of the damn things.

Anyways, the reason why this has been my last Lipglass purchase is because of how it makes my lips. And I don't think they used to do this to me? I remember having VGV and Lovechild Lipglass years ago and never having this problem of absolutely needing to have a base? Most of the time I'll remember to put on some sort of base in the morning, but when I want to touch up during the day, I don't remember to reapply a base. And again, I know that it's going to gunk up and I know that it's going to make my lips dry like an oak tree. And what do I do? Grin and go with it.

Enter in my saving grace.

(Up close and personal)

I first purchased Avon's Glazewear Lipliner without even knowing it. My gracious Aunt (who has been selling this stuff since I was born) lets me peruse her Demo catalogs and order and her slashed, uber-discounted price. One week she comes by and drops off a small bag with just the pencil inside. I only paid about $1 and some change for it. I said "Oh...I ordered a lip pencil?" I don't use lip pencils, at all. Only when I wear a red lip and that only happens about 3 times a year. I put it with my container of eye pencils and kinda forgot about it.

It wasn't until today that I reached into my pencil container and thinking I was pulling out a liner, accidentally pulled out the Glazewear Lipliner. I almost put it back, but thought again to actually give it a whirl. The shade I have is Sheer Peach, which is pretty much exactly what it is. The pencils glided easily on my lips with no tugging whatsoever, which is what I usually hate about lip pencils. These pencils are made for the gloss type, more preferably on Avon's end their Glazewear Lipglosses (which I lovelovelove- but that's another time). Like mentioned before, it just adds a slight veil of color to my lips, and gives it a bit of sparkle too (nothing too over the top, don't worry).

(Sheer Peach Glazewear Lipliner, swatched on my arm)

Then, it was time to put the fanny, er, I mean...Fashion Pack back to the test. I then applied Fashion Pack over the liner and instantly felt the difference. First, I didn't feel the stickyness of the lipglass. It just felt really smooth. I didn't see a lot of difference in the color of Fashion Pack, which was good that it wasn't altered too much. Though the day, I would normally have to touch up a handful of times- due to normal wear and tear of the workday. But with Glazewear Lipliner underneath- I cut the touch-ups in half. AND BEST OF ALL!!! My lips did NOT get CRUDDY!!! Hell to the YES!!!

(I swatched Fashion Pack to the left side over
Sheer Peach, pretty fabulous, right?)

This, my friends, is why I have my faith restored in MAC Lipglass. I plan to stock up on these lip liners (I figure the clear liner will be perfect under any Lipglass) before they're gone (just like any cosmetic company- they always get rid of a good thing way too fast) and maybe get back into the Lipglass scene...maybe.

(A match made in heaven!)


Katrina said...

Yet another product I *need* to try from Avon! Thanks :)

Tanya Annette said...

Always glad to help out with any lemmings ;D