Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jillian Dempsy for Avon- Horizon Blush

"Now, Bring me that horizon..."


Why it it take me so long to get these? Today I'm going to share the beauty of Jillian Dempsey for Avon Horizon Blushes. I just got these in last night and was so stoked to finally play with them! I was very pleasantly surprised.....

(Left, Apricot Horizon. Right, Pink Horizon)

Truth be told, I should have ordered this months ago when I first saw them for sale in my Aunt's demo catalog. I'm kind of off on my catalog numbers right now, but I think it's finally being 'introduced' in one of the most recent catalogs. I believe the price is around $7.

(Pink Horizon)

The blushes are housed in a slick black case and measure about4-5 inches in length (I don't have them on me as I, of course, am writing this up at work). It was a bit tough to get it open (but only the first time), but when I did, I gasped in amazement. The surprise waiting inside was beautiful.

(Apricot Horizon)

I immediately rushed to my room and brought out my handy dandy Sonia Kashuk blush brush and raked it across (yes, raked. I play dirty) Apricot Horizon blush. The first swipe on my cheeks and the only words that came out was "Oh my God". These puppies were pigmented with a capital PIG.

I promptly washed my face and went back to the drawing board. This time I used a skunk brush (Pout Airbrush) and lightly tapped in the middle of the pan. This attempt faired much better, but it still left a lot of color on my cheek. The great thing about these blushes? They're very pigmented. Jillian didn't skimp there. The bad thing? They're very pigmented. But don't get me wrong, with a very very light hand and great blending skillz, this will leave a gorgeous pink or peachy flush to your cheeks. I can't stress enough how Avon has upped their game lately, and this is a fine and prime example of that.

And while we are still on Avon, with this recent oder I also received another installment of Mark Skincare. This time it was Matte Chance lotion and, let me tell ya, so far I'm loving it to the max. But, that's another entry. I also ordered a new eye brightener pen (called Look Alert) that I think may be my new best friend (I'm going to test it out again today for the second time).

That's all for now, folks. Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!

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