Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm back.....for a LIMITED TIME only!!!!!!!!

Yes! Hello everyone!!!!!

This post may come as a surprise, since it's been almost an exact year since I've closed up shop here at The Pink Train Case. But, I'm back with an opportunity for my past readers.

It's the turn of a new year, and with that, you kind of have to let go of some things. I've decided to take a good long, hard look at my makeup stash and it was time to part with some items. So within the next week or so, look out for a major:

BLOG SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not really done looking through my stuff yet, but I will be getting rid of Mark Flip For It palettes, some old Wet 'n' Wild palettes (Sand Castle, etc.), some fragrances, and I may throw up some miscellaneous items (not necessarily cosmetics).

Also, I am thinking of returning to the blogging world. I'm in the process of cooking up a new blog, and while it will contain beauty-related posts, it won't be a beauty-only blog. Funny enough the only thing holding me picking a new name ;)

Stay tuned!!!!