Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Trails...

Well, you might have guessed after almost 2 months of not updating, I've decided to somewhat extend my "hiatus" to a more permanent status. After some thoughtful consideration, I have decided to close the door (or, web browser) on The Pink Train Case.

I do this with love. The last time I posted, I said that I was taking a break because I didn't want to (excuse my french) half-ass the site while still being busy with real life stuff. I'm doing this closure for the same reason. I am once again dedicating two nights a week to class on a subject which I need a lot of concentration for (math, my weakness!!). Plus other real life stuff I don't need to get into/explain. Stuff that I'm sure you are all going through (work...sickness...etc.) right now.

I started this blog because I wanted to help others, no matter how large or small the question. I wanted to share my experiences, my trials and tribulations with beauty and beauty products. I never started this to gain readers or "popularity". To be honest, I never thought that anyone would read this thing.

It's a lot of fun to read beauty blogs, but they sure do take a lot of work!! I may pop up again in the future, when I can spend time making quality entries and reviews for you all to enjoy. I know for a fact that my absence won't have an effect on the blogging world, there are tons, tons, of other wonderful beauty blogs out there for you to enjoy (and I enjoy as well- just look over there to the right, just a smidge of my favorite blogs).

To close this out, thank you to all of the readers. I never expected to have an audience of any sort- and you made the almost two years of this blog a hell of a lot of fun. Thank you ♥

Stay beautiful.